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RCR Fabrication exists due to Ralph Royer's pure need to express himself creatively.

The tools and knowledge RCR has gained from decades of experience enable us to work both inside or outside the box.

Our services include 3D Design, Assembly Design, and Digital Design & Details. We work in all materials and industries.

And, we know we thrive thanks to the successes of those we support, our clients.

We hope you’ll choose RCR as an integral partner of your successful next and last step for your project.

OUR Services

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    3D modeling is the process of "a picture is worth 1000 words,"  developing a computer-based (CAD) mathematical representation of a component or assembly that formats almost any direction. These designs provide a visual for humans and enough information for the follow-up (CAM) machining additive or reductive. Prototyping from this 3D design allows for an interactive approach for testing product applications in every medium from Alabaster to Zinc.

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    Design (CAD) for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) is an engineering methodology that focuses on reducing time-to-market and total production costs by prioritizing both the ease of manufacture (CAM) for the product's parts and the simplified assembly of those parts into the final product. Contact us about our Assembly Design services.

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    Industrial design is the creation of a digital design for peers to discuss function, proof of concept, materials, and components involved prior to small- or large-scale production. In this process we create and define a product's form and features in advance of the physical act of manufacturing.

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    Unlike a traditional welder or a shop winging it, Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) services can start prior to any welding operations. This can include writing up the engineering authority. In some cases, this service involves complete oversight of contract documents, choreographing with welding codes, specifications, certifying the welding process, or certifying your individual welders.


Ralph Royer at RCR produces custom designs and craftsmanship beyond comparison. Ralph delivers the highest quality at a great price!

Extremely professional and easy to work with.

Kurt Grutzmacher

I’ve known Ralph for a few years now and truly wonder if there’s anything this man cannot do.  I appreciate his creativity, brilliance and mind blowing humanity.

Gina Velez

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